Two Streams – Real Work and Sheltered Programs

By 1969, the President's Committee stressed the need for realism in the vocational objectives parents have for their children, and the role of education and training to prepare people to meet realistic objectives. Usually the phrase "let's be realistic" is a call to limit opportunities for people. The PCMR, however, was pushing for increased recognition of the employment potential of people with developmental disabilities.

Realism must be the key to the education and training of people with developmental disabilities. They will have to enter a real world not truly made for them; get a real job that may be alien to their concepts of work; face up to real social and interpersonal situations that may not always be pleasant; handle real personal problems (money, transportation, living quarters, the like) that for us might be routine but for them are crisis-sized.

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Photo courtesy William Bronston, M.D.