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Resources: A Home of My Own

Housing Trusts. Another way of promoting home ownership is through community and individual trust funds dedicated to developing housing or managing housing. trusts.

According to the Housing Trust Fund Project: ( such funds "are established to provide the financial resources needed to address the housing needs of low and very low income households. Some extend this mission to moderate income; others focus on the needs of the homeless or other special groups. They clearly intend to serve unmet existing housing needs of their poorest residents." These funds can be used for housing for people with disabilities.

cch – Another approach is for families or individuals to put a home in a private trust for a person with a disability. The house is legally set aside for the person with a disability, and a trustee (which might be a support network/circle) oversees management.

  • Housing, Neighborhood and Community Development. EmPOWERment, Inc. is people empowering people to control their own destinies through affordable housing, community organizing and grassroots economic development. This kind of approach can certainly include people with disabilities of all sorts and their families. EmPOWERment, Inc. was launched in 1996 to help working families in Chapel Hill and Carrboro NC reclaim their economic and political power. It now provides services to Orange, Chatham, and Alamance Counties. The strategy is to reclaim our communities by expanding homeownership opportunities, combating gentrification and organizing to build stronger neighborhoods.
    EmPOWERment, Inc.
  • Preservation Housing is an initiative to increase affordable housing and preserve working-class neighborhoods for families. EmPOWERment competes with investors to purchase and renovate existing homes and build new homes for sale to low-income families.
  • The Community Homebuyers Club is an intensive and fun program designed to assist families preparing for the challenges and opportunities of homeownership. The five-week class helps families repair credit, develop budgets and get qualified for a home loan.
  • Neighbors United, a coalition of neighborhood associations, is building leadership and power for community change. The focus is to combat drug dealing, preserve our communities and strengthen neighborhood associations. Youth Creating Change, a new youth leadership initiative, is building a new generation of leaders through GED training, leadership activities, and business skills.
  • Midway Business Center is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship by providing affordable office and retail space, business development services, and access to shared equipment and facilities. The Midway Business Center is Chapel Hill-Carrboro's first small business incubator.