Leading Edge Resources: A Home of My Own

Similarly, Deohaeko Support Network is a group of families who came together to plan for good lives for their adult sons and daughters with developmental disabilities. They started a housing co-operative in Ontario, Canada which has become home to six of their sons and daughters as well as over 200 other members of the community. The Deohaeko Support Network has sustained a vibrant intentional community spirit at the heart of the co-operative community. They have assisted their sons and daughters to live rich, full and participating lives both within their co-operative community and in the greater community. Each individual is supported in both paid and natural ways to hold a wide variety of work, leisure and civic roles and to be in relationship with a wide circle of family, friends, and neighbors.

Co-Housing. co-housing developments involve community ownership of the housing units and an emphasis on sharing resources such as a large community kitchen, gardens, laundry, workshops, child care, and so on.

co-housingAccording to the CoHousing Network (http://www.cohousing.org/) "CoHousing communities balance the traditional advantages of home ownership with the benefits of shared common facilities and ongoing connections with your neighbors. These cooperative neighborhoods are one of the most promising solutions to many of today's most challenging social and environmental concerns."

According to VOICEPRINT1 "Because CoHousing offers so many supports, it is a natural choice for self-advocates who are ready and financially able to own a home. Self-advocates can have the help and support of their community, and also the independence of having their own place to live. By making decisions on how the housing development operates, self-advocates in CoHousing become full and valued citizens…" Obviously, CoHousing also become a supportive option for families with a family member with a disability.

1VOICEPRINT, St. Paul, MN, 1994