Victor Robinson

The issues that we are fighting for are transportation, housing, living and jobs. It is very important for a person to have a life of their own, because they want to have an independent life. Everyone wants to live just like a person who does not have a disability. They want friends. They want to get out and do things. If they have chances for money they will have the money to go places.

Victor Robinson, National Co-Chair SABE

Thomas McCann

People want to get out of Southbury [an institution in Connecticut]. People want to live in the community. People want to own their own money. People want to get better paying jobs than where they are working right now. People are not always ready to speak up. We've got to encourage people to speak up for their rights. To have your advisor or your parents speak up for you, tells me that people are still afraid to speak up.

Thomas McCann, President, People First of Connecticut