Bob Liston

One of the things that Katrina and now Rita is doing is bringing together coalitions of people who have similar issues that have nothing to do with disability. So we have people who are poor, who have disabilities, who are elderly, who are single moms that are coming together in fighting for the same issue. The important thing is that we don't fight each other, that we fight together, and we fight to make sure we all get the services that we need, not that one group gets services at the expense of another.

Bob Liston, Missoula, Montana

Marsha Katz

One of the most important things that needs to happen if we are going to move forward as a disability community is that we start practicing the inclusion that we all talk about. If we do not come together as one disability community and stop fighting each other for pieces of the pie, and look at increasing the pie, changing the pie, whatever we need to do, we are not going to go anywhere.

Marsha Katz, Montana ADAPT