Jayne Chase

My son, J Paul, who has the label of autism, is living in his own situation now, and it is solely because of Partners in Policymaking. J Paul is himself a graduate. We have our own place in the country and he has his own place there. He's thinking about his own business. He does to the doctor. He goes to the dentist. He does all these things by himself. If I had not been to Partners myself, I would have never known this was an option. We did not know it was even do-able. Partners created a vision for all of us. It is really amazing. It is a life altering.

Jayne Chase, parent, Alabama

Jack Pierpoint

People are working in the community, in real jobs, and participating in the community all over the place in ways that most of us would say, "well, that couldn't be done" but people are doing it. It is not as common as it should and can be, but it is happening all over the place.

Jack Pearpoint, Inclusion Press