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"Most psychiatrists and service professionals who work with us tell us that anger is a bad thing, a stage to get over or something that we need to overcome. But anger is a powerful energy. We don't need to suppress or get over our anger, we need to channel it into making change for the greater good. We need to make sure that we don't turn our anger in on ourselves or our loved ones, but focus it on removing obstacles, and making things happen.

"I've seen friends turn their anger in on themselves, and it killed them. And why do we turn our anger on our loved ones? It's safe, but they don't deserve it, and our relationships suffer from it. I get angry all of the time. I'm angry that people with disabilities are still second-class citizens in this country. I get angry at how 97% of the billions of federal dollars spent either perpetuate our dependency on the system or increase it.

"We can only really be free and take our place in this society if we have economic freedom, which means careers. I remember we used to talk to employers about hiring people with disabilities as a moral issue – it was a charitable thing to do. Now, we have the ADA and there are companies that are hiring many people with disabilities.

Ed Roberts in Russia
Ed Roberts in Russia