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"For instance, people pushing strollers use curb cuts, as do people on bikes and elderly people who can't lift their legs so high. So many people benefit from this accommodation. This is what the concept of Universal Design is all about.

"Now, Berkeley is a very accessible city. We are visible in the community, because we can get around everywhere fairly easily. I remember meeting a woman with a disability who came to Berkeley from England. I asked her how things were going for her, and she told me that there was something strange – people weren't staring at her. There are so many of us in Berkeley that she wasn't feeling stigmatized.

"We're all getting older. We can't avoid it, can we? I look around, and I notice that a lot of us are getting gray. As we get older, we realize that disability is just a part of life. Anyone can join our group at any point in life. In this way, the Disability Rights Movement doesn't discriminate. As those of us who are temporarily able-bodied and working for access and accommodations now get older, the changes we make now will benefit us as well.

Ed Roberts
Ed Roberts