VII. The Self-Advocacy Movement - 1980's to Present C. Goals of Self Advocacy
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People have the right to be recognized as the person they are, and therefore must not be labeled. Labels devalue us and should not be used to identify us. A true understanding of who we are will include knowledge about disability.

These principles were prepared by The ILSMH Committee on Self-Advocacy. The committee consists of Chairperson Barb Goode, Canada; Ake Johansson, Sweden; Susanne Kolkmann, Germany; Robert Martin, New Zealand; Carol Pein, Australia; Alex Righolt, Netherlands; and Jackie Downer, England.


The self-advocacy movement has redefined the "disability problem" as being less about rehabilitation and more about equality. Society said that persons with developmental disabilities must change to fit into society; they have said no, it's society that must change its attitudes and practices and accept us.

Irving Martin
Video: Irving Martin on the goals of self-advocacy Video