VII. The Self-Advocacy Movement - 1980's to Present C. Goals of Self Advocacy
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Support must empower individuals to make their own decisions. Regardless of the degree of disability, we must have support to make our decisions. We must be allowed to take risks. It must be up to us to ask for help from those we trust.

Equal opportunity
All people must have equal opportunity to be supported as full members of their communities, without regard to race, culture, or sexual choice.

Learning and living together
Keeping people apart from their communities is not acceptable. We have the right to participate in the community, attend our public schools, and grow up with other children. We must have the opportunity to do the same things as everyone else and to share the joys of daily living.

Institutions are bad for people
Being in an institution is not a human way of life. Institutions remove all of the things worth living for – joy, happiness, love, tenderness, feelings, emotions – and make you give up on life itself. As self-advocates we must close down every institution and liberate our unfortunate brothers and sisters who are now wasting away.