VII. The Self-Advocacy Movement - 1980's to Present C. Goals of Self Advocacy
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Being a person first
Not defined by our disability or thought of as an eternal child. We are individuals with our own identity.

Making our own decisions
Not having doctors or parents deciding where and how we live. We must be listened to as we express ourselves, and we must be allowed to make our own mistakes. We must help those who have higher support needs and cannot speak for themselves, so their decisions can be understood and respected.

Believing in my value as a person
Understanding that I am a valuable citizen, worker, and friend. From birth, every human has the same worth. We must be supported to like ourselves.

Having other people believe in you as a person
Not accepting old stereotypes of persons with disabilities as somehow less than human. All people have the right to be valued as an equal in their own community. We must not be discriminated against because of our disability. Other people must learn that we are people and treat us in the same way as everyone else.