IV. The Rise of the Institutions 1800 - 1950 E. 1925 to 1950: Invisibility and Abandonment
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While our country continued to house large numbers of people in institutions, the theme of abandonment reached its extreme in Germany in the 1930s.

We know of the Holocaust and the killing of 6 million Jews, Poles, Romanian Gypsies, and other groups by the Nazis. What is less commonly known is that one of the earliest populations the Nazis set out to destroy was people with disabilities. One hundred thousand children and adults with mental and physical disabilities were exterminated. Some who managed to live were subjected to inhumane and unconscionable medical experimentsGrave Marker

At Hademar Hospital, more than 10,000 people were killed. After being gassed, the bodies were cremated. The theme of abandonment continued even after death, with graves marked by numbers or not at all

.Chart of Killing Stations, Period of Operation, Numbers Killed