IV. The Rise of the Institutions 1800 - 1950 D. Protect Society from the Deviant
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Persons with disabilities became scapegoats during this period. Shifting the focus of the earlier theme of "protecting the deviant" from society, this era became less concerned with persons with disabilities, and more suspicious of people viewed as "different."

The number of people in public institutions continued to rise, averaging approximately 250 persons per institution in 1890 and over 500 per institution by 1905. In a relatively short time, practices regarding persons with disabilities had moved from compassionate education to segregation.

In 1900, there were about 10 private institutions for persons with disabilities; by 1923 that number increased to 80. These facilities were referred to as schools, farms, hospitals, institutes, and academies.

Industrial Training 1920
Industrial training at the
Rome State School in
New York, ca. 1920