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13. The diet was inadequate, and the meals were rushed.

14. The facility was dirty.

15. Toilet facilities were not adequate to accommodate the institutional population.

16. Residents were segregated from those of the opposite sex.

17. Many residents were confined to beds or chairs, or kept in solitary confinement.

18. Many residents were denied privileges on the grounds of the institution and practically no one was given a pass.

19. Residents were not given help in reading, writing, or posting mail.

20. Non-English speaking residents had difficulty communicating.

21. Residents were not compensated for work performed.

22. The facility was understaffed with professionals and paraprofessionals. The absence of proper supervision contributed to the death of some residents, where the cause of death was attributed to aspiration of food or vomit.

23. Medical facilities were inadequate.

24. Many of the professional staff were shown to be incompetent.

After three years, a consent decree was approved by the Court. The decree called for a major upgrading of the facility's programs, recognition of the residents' rights, and a ten-year phase down of the residential population to no more than 250 individuals.