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Providing information, education, and training to build knowledge, develop skills, and change attitudes that will lead to increased independence, productivity, self determination, integration and inclusion (IPSII) for people with developmental disabilities and their families.


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Cab Company Condemned For Refusing Guide Dog
Teen's Advocacy Leads To Scooter Law Change
UN Uses International Disability Day To Focus On Website "E-Accessibility"

Woman Appeals Braille And Large-Print Menu Decision
Wearable Technology: Have Shirt, Will Travel
Apartment Manager Can't Bar My Guide Dog, Says Woman
Medicare To Pay More For Motorized Equipment
Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Challenge To Law Penalizing Voting Helpers
Mixed Results Over Accessible Voting
Justice Department Doesn't Penalize States For Failing On Voting Act
Ellis Island To Provide Sign Language Interpreters Under Settlement

Report: Voters With Disabilities Still Face Discrimination At Polls
In Trend-Setting Move, Safeway Stores To Install Privacy Key Pads At Check-Outs
Service Dog Saved Woman, But Died Rescuing Cat
Restaurant Manager Refuses To Serve Soldier Over Guide Dog
Groups Call For Action Against Medicare Power Equipment Cuts

'Smart' Wheelchair Uses Cameras To 'Sense' Terrain
Advocates Sue Washington Redskins Over Captioning
Study: Top 30 Business Websites Exclude Millions
Guide Dog Association Warns Of Curb-less Dangers
Health Department Directs Woman To Prove Her Monkey Is Service Animal
Judge: Accessibility Laws Cover Websites
School Board Reverses Position On Teen's Service Dog

Family Chooses Home-Schooling After Service Dog Denial
Reports That "Seeing Shoes" Will Replace Walking Sticks And Guide Dogs Might Be Premature
Settlement Allows Goats To Stay With Boy
KFC Apologizes For Guide Dog Blunder

Groups Fight Medicare Restriction On iBot Funding
Judge Orders Shop Manager To Pay For Rejecting Man And Guide Dog
Man Sues National Park Over Right To Bring Dog To Nude Beach
New Implant Turns Brain Impulses Into Motion
School Bans Boy, 5, And His Dog

Europe Commits To Accessibility Plan For 'E-Inclusion' By 2010
Formula One Designer Rolls Out New Off-Road Wheelchair
Guilty Cabbie Is First Convicted Of Refusing Guide Dog
Woman Defends Her Chickens

UK Report: Few Charity Websites Are Accessible
9/11 Survivor Credits Guide Dog With Saving His Life
Woman Got Wheelchair, But No Way To Use It
Civil Rights Advocate Sues Over Service Dog Ban
Woman Asks For Apology After Hospital Rejects Service Dog
Neighbors Ordered To Get Rid Of Vicious Dog

Off-Road Wheelchair Features Hybrid Engine And GPS
Student Council Candidate Campaigns For Position While Teaching About Technology
Sign Language Becomes Official National Language
Adventurers Plan To Climb Swiss Peak In Robo-Suits

Judge Orders Dad To Remove Son's Pig Or Face Jail Time
Advocates Hold Sit-in At Doctor's Office Over Sign Language Interpreters
Voters Sue To Block Diebold Touch Screens
Commission Seeks High-Profile Legal Challenge Over Web Access
Offers Pour In To Help Man Who Lost "Overweight" Service Dog
Justice Department Begins Actions Against States Over Accessible Voting
Advocates Outraged At Plan To Charge Air Fare For Service Animals

Man Refuses Judge's Apology Over Service Dog Comments
City Is First In Missouri To Use New Touch-Screen Voting Systems
Report: Nineteen States Missed HAVA Accessible Polling Deadline
Blind Advocates Sue Retail Giant Target Over Website Usability Problems

Judge To Decide Whether Township Must Allow Boy's Goats As Reasonable Accommodation
Proposal Would OK Monkeys As Service Animals
Grand Jury Indicts Man Over Guide Dog Hit-And-Run
Five-Year-Old Uses Walker To Pass Ballet Exam
Judge To Decide Boy's Goat Case
Designer Of New, Light-weight Wheelchairs In Search Of Customers

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Dog That Prompted Change In Senate Rules Dies
Rights Group Threatens Protest To Force End To Modified Cars Dispute
Telemarketing Firm To Pay Blind Woman $200,000 For Rejecting Her Guide Dog
Federal Court Rejects Boy's Goat Case

Commission Pooh-Poohs Condo Restriction On Guide Dog
Despite Breathing Scare, Professor Hawking Put On Show As Promised
Communication Device May Have Saved Lives In Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Mishap
Blind Woman Told To Remove Guide Dog From Pub
Web Users Say Usability, Not Accessibility, Is Most Important

School Bans Teen's Service Dog
New Software Translates Text Into Animated Sign Language
Student Claims She Needs Ferret At College Dorm
Oregon Good Samaritan Rounds Up Equipment For Hurricane Victims
Blind Student Recovering After Accident That Killed Guide Dog

Professor Hawking Moves To Blink-Control Device

Student Sues Activities Association To Use Golf Cart
Missourians Sue Over Medicaid Cuts For "Optional" Equipment
Voter Claims Ballot Signing Rule Violates Federal Rights
Lister Sips And Puffs Her Way Across English Channel And Into History
Blind Users Test New GPS Mapping Technology
Most UK Telephone Websites Not Yet Accessible
Ballot Measure Would Protect Service Animals
New Implant Helps Man Cough

Police Officers Learn Sign Language
New Jersey Voting Places And Shopping Malls Still Have Access Barriers
College Testing Company Apologizes For Service Dog Goof
Blind Voters Sue Florida County Over Inaccessible Voting Systems

Trumpeter Plays Again, 10 Years After Spine Injury
Police Launch Text Messaging And Sign Language Project

Woman Speaks Her Mind, But Not So Much To The Press
Failure To Purchase $1,000 Software Program Costs Satellite Company $8 Million
British Voters Asked To Rate Polling Access
Seattle Woman Wins Service Dog Discrimination Case

Raging Against The Machine: The Mik Scarlet Wheelchair Fiasco
New Zealand Businesses At Risk Over Internet Access Problems
Survey: Europe Should Require IT To Be Accessible
Passengers And Dogs Can Ride Together Under New British Guidelines

Study: Power Chairs And Scooters Save Medicare More Money
Attorneys Establish Fund For Sign Language Interpreters
New Device Could Steady Shaky Mouse

Witnesses: Man Bites Dog
San Diego TV Stations Face Fines Over Captioning Failures During Wildfires
Special Education District Settles With Teaching Assistant Over Service Dog
Service Dog Was Not Allowed In Theater, Woman Claims
Student Turns Towing Solution Into Growing Business

Survey: Polling Places Need Many, Small Changes By 2006
Wyoming Lawmakers Look At Protecting Service Animals

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Look Ma! No Hands! No Joystick! No Implant! Just My Thinking Cap!
Interpreter Side-Stepped Ethics To Get Truth To Deaf Viewers

Accessibility A Mixed-Bag For Voters With Disabilities
Employers Urged To Employ People With Disabilities And Technologies

National Council On Disability Says Universal Design Is Good Business
53 People To Get New Speech Devices
Lawmaker Urges Adapted Vehicle Allowance For Children Under Age Three
Suit Attempts To Toss Out Touch-Screen Voting Systems
It Could Be All In Your Mind
Elections Official Wants Touch-Screen Ballot "Images" Accepted In Recounts
Recruitment Website Courts Job-Seekers With Disabilities
Duval County Still Not Ready With Accessible Voting System

Ruling That Website Is Not An "Public Accommodation" Stands (Sept. 29, 2004)
Have Nose Will Travel: Introducing The 'Nouse' (Sept. 16, 2004)
PBS Runs "Freedom Machines" Documentary On Assistive Technology (Sept. 13, 2004)

Citizen's Efforts Lead To New Service Animal Protections (August 27, 2004)
Service Animals Given New Protections (August 26, 2004)
School Shoos Service Dog (August 6, 2004)
One In Seven UK Cinemas Offers Captioning And Audio-Description (August 3, 2004)

Teen Uses DynaVox To Sing National Anthem At Cleveland Indians Game (July 9, 2004)
"English Only" Rule Applies To Guide Dog, Too, School Says (July 8, 2004)

Accessible Voting Advocates Accused Of Being Too Tight With Electronic Voting Machine Makers (June 11, 2004)

Missouri Schools Deny Service Dogs To Student, Aide (May 24, 2004)

New Ballot Marking Technology May Be Answer To Optical Scan Problems (April 27, 2004)
Blind Lawmaker To Get Braille Translator (April 26, 2004)
Students Learn High-Tech Skills Through Model Program (April 26, 2004)
New System Matches Guide Dogs To Owners More Efficiently (April 21, 2004)
E-Government Initiative Websites Are Not Entirely Accessible, Researchers Find (April 19, 2004)
Website Designers Continue To Violate UK Access Law (April 14, 2004)
Women Accuse Buffet Of Turning Them And Service Dogs Away (April 12, 2004)
Illinois Man First In Midwest To Own An iBot (April 8, 2004)

Portable "Seeing-Eye" Computer In The Works (March 31, 2004)
Lawmakers Miss Chance To Get Message To Many Internet Users (March 15, 2004)
Voters Sue California Counties And Secretary Of State Over Touchscreens (March 8, 2004)
Discrimination Case Can Move Forward, Judge Rules (March 1, 2003)

Dad Designs Cool Equipment For Kids (Feb. 26, 2004)
Tele-Conferencing Puts Distant Sign Language Interpreters In Hospital Rooms (Feb. 25, 2004)
GPS Technology Helps Blind People Get Around More Independently
American Sign Language Fastest Growing "Foreign Language" (Feb. 13, 2004)
Prisoners Refurbish Wheelchairs Destined For Third World Countries (Feb. 3, 2004)

New Website Gives Info On Disability-Friendly Businesses (Jan. 22, 2004)
Many Corporate Web Designers "Don't Get It" When It Comes To Accessibility (Jan. 20, 2004)

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Improved Telecommunications Access For Deaf Users (Dec. 18, 2003
News Sites Slow To Make Content Accessible (Dec. 15, 2003)
First-Grader With Autism To Get Service Dog (Dec. 12, 2003)

Top China Buffet Will Pay Family For Excluding Service Dog (Nov. 20, 2003)
Golf Commission Reviews Ban On Motorized Carts (Nov. 17, 2003)

"Making Life Better For The Disabled" (Oct. 30, 2003)

Digital TV Excludes Many, Report Shows (Sept. 19, 2003)
Man Credits Service Dog And Van Driver For Saving His Life (Sept. 8, 2003)

Gallery Owner Calls Eviction 'Discriminatory' (August 29, 2003)
iBot Climbing Wheelchair Finally Gets FDA Approval (August 13, 2003)

Groups Fuss Over Woman Training Shetland Pony (July 31, 2003)
Mind Over Wheels? Scientist Develop Brain-Powered Wheelchair (July 23, 2003)
Blind Web Users Go After Disability-Unfriendly Web Designers (July 11, 2003)

Students And Staff Thank Volunteer For Help In Classroom Over The Years (June 30, 2003)

Duo Excels With Computer Technology (May 21, 2003)
Passenger Seeks Changes In Train's Guide Dog Policy (May 7, 2003)

Sign Language Can Help Infants Communicate (March 31, 2003)

Feds Issue Fact Sheet On Teleworking As ADA Accommodation (Feb. 6, 2003)

Lawmaker Wants Service Dogs As Option For In-home Supports (Jan. 31, 2003)
Cell Phone Features Help, If You Can Afford Them (Jan. 7, 2003)
Feds Move Technology Access Deadline (January 2, 2003)

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Individualized Assistive Technology Can Lead To More Independence (Dec. 5, 2002)

IBot: Pros And Cons Of "Barrier-Breaking" Wheelchair (Nov. 13, 2002)
Furry Helpers Can Come In Small Packages (Nov. 5, 2002)

Computer Company Leads Initiative To Make Library Workstations More Usable (October 30, 2002)
Flap Over Untrained Service Dog Ends Quietly (October 8, 2002)

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