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Providing information, education, and training to build knowledge, develop skills, and change attitudes that will lead to increased independence, productivity, self determination, integration and inclusion (IPSII) for people with developmental disabilities and their families.


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Feds Fight Accessible Currency Ruling
Landmark Disability Duty Means 'Embedding' Equality
Project Advises Congregations To Include Disability In Disaster Planning
UN Uses International Disability Day To Focus On Website "E-Accessibility"
New Jersey Advocates Follow Up 'Sting' On Transit Woes
Zoo To Stop Pushing Waivers For Wheelchair Users

Advocates Threaten Legal Action Over Football Stadium Design
Judge Orders Treasury To Make Paper Money Accessible To Blind Americans
MSP: Since Trust Hasn't Worked, It's Time To Try Parking Fines
Woman Appeals Braille And Large-Print Menu Decision
TV Report Exposes Faulty Lifts At High School Fields
Vietnam Vets Balk At Half-Completed Project
Court Service Settles Discrimination Complaint From Deaf Advisor
Dental Offices Off Limits To Wheelchairs
Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Challenge To Law Penalizing Voting Helpers
Mixed Results Over Accessible Voting
Self-Advocacy Pays Off For Teen And Others
Justice Department Doesn't Penalize States For Failing On Voting Act
Ellis Island To Provide Sign Language Interpreters Under Settlement

Report: Voters With Disabilities Still Face Discrimination At Polls
In Trend-Setting Move, Safeway Stores To Install Privacy Key Pads At Check-Outs
Woman Sues Portland Suburb Over Access Problems
Pennsylvania Becomes More "Visitable"
Investigators Blame Patient's Death On Facedown Restraint
Appeals Court: Wheelchair User Not Entitled To Damages In Jack In The Box Suit
Professors Disappointed Over Wait For Accessibility Improvements
Family Wants To Know Why Mom Was Made To Scoot Up Stairs
First Phases Of Province's Accessibility Law Move Forward
Courthouse Barriers To Wheelchair Users Violate Due Process Rights, Advocates Claim
Activists Go Around Barricades To Defy Feds On Off-Road Access Rules
When Was The Last Time You Saw A Strip Club Stage With A Wheelchair Ramp?
Art Institute Allows Blind Patrons To Experience Paintings
Airport Responds To Advocate Concerns
Mom Considers Action Over Airline's Wheelchair Restriction
Mall Cites ADA While Ejecting Teen In Segwey
Class Of 2007 Can Graduate Without Passing Exit Exam
Measure To Restore Intent Of ADA Introduced In House
Community Effort Creates Accessible Homes
DOJ Settles Apartment Suit Against Developers, Builders, Architects And Engineers

EEOC: United Airlines Violated Reservations Workers' Rights
Wichita Plans Thousands Of Improvements To Public Facilities
Advocates Sue Washington Redskins Over Captioning
Study: Top 30 Business Websites Exclude Millions
Guide Dog Association Warns Of Curb-less Dangers
FEMA Settles Inaccessible Trailers Case
Judge: Accessibility Laws Cover Websites
Some Not Surprised By Illegal Parking Revelations

Advocates Find Most Vehicles At Mobility Car Parks Are Illegal
Class Action Seeks Statewide Sidewalk Improvements, Not Money
Major Store Chain Heads Off Discrimination Prosecution
Advocacy Efforts Pay Off At Scenic Tower
City Reaches Agreement With Advocates Over Sidewalk Accessibility And Safety
Teen Turns To President For Help In College Exam Dispute
Deaf Ball Player's Victory Will Benefit Countless Others
Groups Claim State, Counties Violate Voting Act
Student Files Action Against University Over Missed Accommodations

Judge Approves Kmart Accessibility Settlement
State Appeals Ruling For Former Head Of Blind Services
Fabric Store Chain Agrees To Accessibility Changes
Advocates: Don't Blame Law For Street Toilet Troubles
Regional Airline Says Passengers With Disabilities Cannot Fly Alone
University Of Chicago Agrees To Improve Accessibility
Public Toilet Advocates Examine Places To Go
Relief For Woman Ticketed For Walking Too Slow
City: Actor Gere Must Include Access In Resort Plan
Advocates Protest Council's Decision To Lose Loos
Ontario Eateries Commit To Accessibility

Mayor's Plan Would Make City More Accessible To Avoid Federal Suit
Chinese Cities Commit To Accessibility
Theater Rejects Calls To Segregate Audiences
Europe Commits To Accessibility Plan For 'E-Inclusion' By 2010
Guilty Cabbie Is First Convicted Of Refusing Guide Dog
Shopper Sues Store, Rejecting "Personal Shopper"
California Court: Employers Must Discuss Accommodations With Workers
Councilman Claims His City Violated His Rights
Airline Responds To Advocates By Changing "Carer" Ticket Requirement

Kids' Baseball League Denies Discrimination Claims
Town Extends Loans For Businesses To Remove Access Barriers
City Makes Access Changes After Years Of Pressure From Advocates
UK Report: Few Charity Websites Are Accessible
Accessibility Plaintiff Charged With Fraud
Woman Got Wheelchair, But No Way To Use It
Colorado Advocates Sue Denver Over Opera House Access Troubles
Wheelchair User Upset After Being Told To Leave Train

Failure To Accommodate Costs Council Thousands
Lawsuit Over Access Forced Improvements At King Tut Exhibit
Lone Protester Draws Attention To Store's Poorly-Placed Banner
Deaf Teens Want Driving Schools To Provide Interpreters
Sign Language Becomes Official National Language
Feds Follow Up On Judge's Concerns Over Court Access
Feds Go After Apartment Complex For Refusing To Adjust Man's Rental Due Date

Study Lists Favorite U.S. Cities For Travelers With Disabilities
Pizza Huts To Be More Disability-Friendly Under Settlement
Juror Sues Over Courthouse Access Problems
Rights Groups Warn County Of Legal Action Over Access Problems
'Wheelchair Guerillas' Stage Quick Action, Then Retreat
Voters Sue To Block Diebold Touch Screens
Measure Would Provide Tax Incentives For "Visitable" Homes
University Students Stage Sit-In Over Access Barriers
Kmart Agrees To Record ADA Access Settlement
Commission Seeks High-Profile Legal Challenge Over Web Access
Blind Students Protest Driver's Ed Requirement
Accessible Taxi Appeal Centers On Meaning Of "New"
Iowa House Rejects Bid To Appoint Safety And Accessibility Official
Judge Rules Advocate's Lawsuits Are Not "Frivolous"
Parking Crusader Under Attack
Jury Orders FedEx To Pay $108,000 For Failing To Provide ASL Interpreters
Justice Department Begins Actions Against States Over Accessible Voting
County Agrees To Spend $10 Million In Bus Stop Upgrades To Avoid Lawsuit

Study Finds Most Job Accommodations Cost Little Or Nothing
Mom Takes On Bowling Alley Over Accessibility And Attitudes
Advocates Go Door-To-Door To Promote Accessible Menus
School Discriminated By Failing To Provide Sign Language Interpreter, Tribunal Says
City Is First In Missouri To Use New Touch-Screen Voting Systems
Attitudinal Barriers Can Take Longer To Break Down
Advocates Remind Politicians They Vote, Too
Strip Club Caught Trying To Ignore Accessibility Law
Moms Save Park And Make It Accessible To All Kids
Hotel Chain Admits To Removing Accessibility Features After Inspections
King Tut Visitors Sue Museum Over Access Problems
Report: Nineteen States Missed HAVA Accessible Polling Deadline
Alito Appeals Court Rules Request For Specific Accommodation Is Not Needed
Blind Advocates Sue Retail Giant Target Over Website Usability Problems
Man Ordered Through Courthouse Metal Detector Can Sue, Appeals Panel Rules
Computer Thief Parked In Wrong Spot At Wrong Time?
Schwarzenegger Signs Law Allowing Seniors With Disabilities To Skip Exit Exam
California Advocates Fight New Lawsuit Notification Initiative

B.C. Lawmaker Promises To Introduce Canadians With Disabilities Act
Former Head Of Blind Services Will Not Be Reinstated
Duo To Recheck Businesses For Accessibility Improvements
Fire Alarm Leaves Lawmaker Stranded; Evac-Chairs Stored Two Years In Capitol Attic
California Lawmakers Craft New High School Exit Exam Measure
Shopping Center Apologizes For "Humiliating" Wheelchair Incident
School Board Admits Accessibility Errors
State Ordered To Drop Parking Sign Charge
Disability Rights Commissioner Stranded At Train Station
Advocates Show Up In Force To Evaluate Voting Systems
Supreme Court Rules Prisoner Can Sue State Over Alleged ADA Violations
Rights Commission: Businesses Continue To Fail On Access
Woman Sues Housing Authority Over Too Tall Toilet
Beach-Goers Sue Coastal Town Over Access Problems
ADAPT Activists Protest Transit System's Counter-suit

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New York City Parks Department Agrees To Improve Accessibility
Suit Settled Following Transit System Improvements
Utah Advocates Push For Changes In Voting Proposals
Will He Learn, Perhaps, That It's Best To Just Pay The Ticket?
City Settles Accessibility Problems With Justice Department
Airport To Add Accessible Features For Deaf Travelers
New York Theaters To Be More Accessible Under Settlement
More Line Up To Support Deaf Ball Player
Educators Deal With Confusing "Catch-22" In New Federal Testing Rules

Transportation Department: Most Airline Disability Complaints Come From Wheelchair Users
Council Fines Woman For Removing Heavy Door From Her Cottage
Man Launches Service To Match Accessible Homes With Needy Buyers
Battle Over Wheelchair Lift Leaves Woman Stranded In Condo
Blind Social Security Recipients Sue Agency For Accessible Material
Airline Loosens Policy On Blind Passengers
Discrimination Suit Filed Against San Diego Zoo
Business Owners Sue ADA "Sheriff"
Deaf Students Threaten To Sue University Over Lack Of Skilled Interpreters
Historic Status Does Not Exempt Buildings From ADA
Blind Woman Sues Restaurants For Accessible Menus
Social Services Workers Disciplined For Illegal Parking
Supreme Court Hears Important Prison ADA Case
Web Users Say Usability, Not Accessibility, Is Most Important
Advocates Push For Tighter Policing Of Illegal Parkers
Lone Teen Protester Stops Rush Hour Traffic Over Broken Bus Lifts
Major Health Care Access Settlement Announced
Detroit Settles Bus Case; Advocate Says Agreement Tied To Elections
RNID: Businesses Ignore People With Hearing And Speech-Related Disabilities

Louisiana Voters To Have Accessible Ballot Machines
Advocates Sue Detroit Over Problems With New Curb Cuts
New Software Translates Text Into Animated Sign Language
Report: Barriers In Public Transportation Amount To "Systemic Discrimination"
City Scrambles To Make Council Chambers Accessible To New Member
Europe Adopts New Air Travel Access Measures
Airline Ejects Blind Passengers
Disability Advocates Criticize FEMA's Slow Housing Response
Advocates Sue Over Lack Of Accessible Golf Carts
California Governor Rejects High School Exam Agreement
Justice Department Settles Huge Apartment Access Case In Seven States
British Commission: One-Half Of Accessibility Complaints Concern Leisure And Retail
Chicagoans Sue City Over Faulty Curb Ramps

Blind Club-goer Told To Leave White Stick Behind Bar
NYC Emergency Management Agency Will Not Oversee Evacuations
Evacuation Plans Lacking For Hurricane Rita Evacuees
City Residents Harass Man Who Sued Over Accessibility Violations
ADAPT Advocates Get Commitments From HUD And NGA
Blind Employee Not Given Tools To Help People With Disabilities

Student Sues Activities Association To Use Golf Cart
Voter Claims Ballot Signing Rule Violates Federal Rights
California Grads Exempt From 2006 Exit Exam
Advocate Files Federal Access Complaint Against City
Education Department Forces University To Upgrade Access
Advocates Sue Taco Bell Over Access Problems
Most UK Telephone Websites Not Yet Accessible
More Americans With Disabilities Travel, Despite Access Barriers

First Lawsuit Filed Under Disability Discrimination Act
Americans Celebrate 15 Years Of ADA
ADA Lawsuits Prompt Changes In Wisconsin
HUD: Renters With Disabilities Still Face High Rates Of Discrimination
Judge Rejects NFB Claims Over Accessible Touch-Screen Voting Systems
Amusement Park To Girl: No Legs, No Ride
Reno Apartment Builders Settle Housing Accessibility Suit
Huge Settlement In California Park Accessibility Cases
New Jersey Voting Places And Shopping Malls Still Have Access Barriers
Advocate Tells India's High Court The Government Must Improve Access
Blind Voters Sue Florida County Over Inaccessible Voting Systems

City Installs 'Talking' Bus Stops
Snapshot Of 'Lazy' Cops Sparks Outrage
Passenger To Receive Settlement Over Airline Mistreatment
Amtrak Can Charge Extra For Groups Of Wheelchair Users, Judge Says
Juror Ejected Because Of Wheelchair Access Barriers
NCD Report Applauds Accessible Transportation Efforts, But Calls For More Action
Huge Apartment Accessibility Suit Settled
Canadian Travelers Accuse Airlines Of Discrimination
Largest Movie Chain Agrees To Rearrange Wheelchair Seating Areas
Chicago CIL Sues Condo Over Lack Of Access
People With Disabilities Win Supreme Court Cruise Line Case
Police Launch Text Messaging And Sign Language Project
Nova Scotians Launch Accessibility Awareness Campaign
Lee County Planners Require Accessible Design In Affordable Housing
Protesters Angered Over Pool Access Delays

Concerned Citizen Acts To Get Sidewalk Street Lights Moved
Councilwoman Claims New City Hall Is Not Accessible To Her And Others
Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Inmate's Accessibility Case
Students' Suit Over Medical School Exam Advances
British Voters Asked To Rate Polling Access
Town Hall Better Than Ever With ADA Compliance

New Zealand Businesses At Risk Over Internet Access Problems
Deaf California Couple Sues For Accessible Roadside Call Boxes
NCD Urges Federal Government To Consider Disability In Disaster Planning
Skate Park Is Town's Third Accessibility Blunder
Wheelchair Pageant Winner Stripped Of Title After Standing Up
Ms. Wheelchair Coverage And Debate Miss The Point
Detroit Transit System Is Turning On Riders Over Lawsuit, Attorney Says
Survey: Europe Should Require IT To Be Accessible
Ms. Wheelchair Suits Prompt Wisconsin Businesses To Address Access Problems
Detroit Gets 30 New Accessible Buses; Advocate Says That's Not Nearly Enough

Workplace Accommodations Are Easy, Attitudes Are Not
Attorneys Establish Fund For Sign Language Interpreters
Feds Join Lawsuit Over Accessible Detroit Buses
Lawmakers Call On Neighbor To Remove Posts
"Apprentice" Producers Settle Discrimination Suit
Advocacy Efforts Paid Off: City Orders 1,000 New Curb Cuts
Supreme Court Hears Cruise Line Accessibility Case

San Diego TV Stations Face Fines Over Captioning Failures During Wildfires
Nevada To Address "Van Only" Parking Disputes
Florida Attorney General Asks US Airways For Explanation Over Passenger's Ordeal
Father And Son Design Accessible Portable Toilet For Disaster Areas
Retail Chains Agree To Accessibility Changes
Researcher Releases List Of Simple Home Modifications
Campaigners Finally Get Wheelchair Access -- At Both Ends Of Footbridge

Mechanic Gets Back His Job And His Wheels
Survey: Polling Places Need Many, Small Changes By 2006
Airline Tries To Duck Wheelchair Rule
Ms. Wheelchair Sues Businesses Over Access Barriers
Advocate: Fake Restroom Door Is 'Completely Ludicrous'
Advocates Angered That Museum Ignored Access Suggestions
Advocates Sue Kutztown University Over Access
Drivers Launch New Kind Of "Baywatch"
State Education Officials To Fix Test Blunders
Senator Finds Access Problems Still At Renovated State Capitol

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City Agrees To Correct Hundreds Of Access Barriers
Appeals Court Upholds Wheelchair Suit Against Ryanair
Huge Suit Filed Over Apartment Access
ADA "Sheriff" Banned From Courts
Man Will Appeal Golf Cart Ban
Interpreter Side-Stepped Ethics To Get Truth To Deaf Viewers

Message To Businesses: Good Access Makes Good Business Sense
Justice Settles Housing Discrimination Suit With Six Architectural And Building Firms
Cinemark Must Change Theater Seating Under Settlement
Beijing Builds 1,000 'Non-Obstacle" Restrooms
Welsh Businesses Largely Ignore Needs Of Deaf Patrons
Ryanair Appeal Delayed While Court Staff Hunt For Wheelchair
Czech Capital Has A Long Way To Go Toward Accessibility
Accessibility A Mixed-Bag For Voters With Disabilities
Measure Would Fine Government Building Managers For Accessibility Failures

National Council On Disability Says Universal Design Is Good Business
Appeals Court: NYC Taxis Must Follow Accessibility Rules
Suit Attempts To Toss Out Touch-Screen Voting Systems
Barrier Busters Do A Downtown Walkabout
Elections Official Wants Touch-Screen Ballot "Images" Accepted In Recounts
Ontario Premier Launches New Accessibility Legislation
Paralympian Takes On Politicians On Accessible Housing
Any Community Can Be Made More Accessible, More Welcoming To All
Duval County Still Not Ready With Accessible Voting System
City Named Most "Disability Friendly" In UK
University Students "Pub Crawl" For Accessible Toilets

Supreme Court To Review Cruise Line Accessibility Case (Sept. 30, 2004)
Disability Services Worker Claims Employer Discriminated Against Her (Sept. 29, 2004)
Ruling That Website Is Not An "Public Accommodation" Stands (Sept. 29, 2004)
Three More Cities Agree To Follow ADA (Sept. 28, 2004)
Senator Urges Officials To Provide Accessible Parking At Federal Buildings (Sept. 23, 2004)
Representatives Show Little Enthusiasm For ADA Notification Law (Sept. 20, 2004)
Government Sets Date For All Courts To Be Accessible (Sept. 15, 2004)
Angry Riders Confront MBTA Officials (Sept. 15, 2004)
Trujillos Get Condo's "Back Door" Policy Tossed (Sept. 14, 2003)
Indian Activists Demand Equal Access (Sept. 10, 2004)

Survey: Travelers With Disabilities Still Run Into Access Problems (August 31, 2004)
Community Groups Seek Accessibility Changes From Louisville Businesses (August 26, 2004)
Beijing Establishes Nation's First Designated Parking Zones (August 25, 2004)
Class Action Status Denied In Tennessee Courthouse Case (August 24, 2004)
Motel 6 Agrees To Improve Access (August 20, 2004)
Passenger Accuses Air France Of Treating Her Unfairly Because She Has No Limbs (August 20, 2004)
Complaint Over Accessible Parking Prompts Village-Wide Review (August 4, 2004)
One In Seven UK Cinemas Offers Captioning And Audio-Description (August 3, 2004)
Alaskan Students With Disabilities Win Exit Exam Accommodations (August 3, 2004)
A Tale Of Two Cities' Accessibility (August 2, 2004)

N.O.D. Taking Applications For Accessible America Contest (July 29, 2004)
Emissions Inspector Fired Over Poor Treatment Of Driver (July 29, 2004)
Three-quarters Of Scottish Businesses Not Ready For October Accessibility Deadline (July 27, 2004)
Commissioners Reject Capitol Lighting Plan To Avoid ADA Upgrades (July 22, 2004)
Travelers Balk At Airline's Support Person Requirement (July 21, 2004)
Students Sue For Extra Time On Medical School Exam (July 21, 2004)
Specialized Hotels Close From Lack Of Business (July 14, 2004)
Cops Ticket 50 In Accessible Parking Sting (July 12, 2004)
Federal Judge Sides With Ban On Accessible Voting Machines (July 8, 2004)
Blame Terrorists For Lack Of Accessible Parking At Nevada Federal Buildings (July 6, 2004)

Whistler Needs To Change Structures, Parking, And Attitudes For 2010 Paralympics (June 30, 2004)
Supreme Court Could Decide To Hear Stadium Seating Accessibility Case (June 24, 2004)
Deaf Travelers Sue Burbank Airport (June 15, 2004)
Federal Judge Tosses Discrimination Lawsuit Against Airlines (June 15, 2004)
City Responds To Citizen Concerns (June 14, 2004)
Accessible Voting Advocates Accused Of Being Too Tight With Electronic Voting Machine Makers (June 11, 2004)
Improvements In Accessibility Will Help Future Generations (June 9, 2004)
Judge Says Courthouse Accessibility Case Will Move Ahead Quickly (June 3, 2004)
Traveler Refuses To Pay Airline's Hefty Wheelchair Lift Fee (June 3, 2004)
Supreme Court Ruling Is A Step In The Right Direction (June 1, 2004)

Athens Preps For Olympics And Paralympics (May 28, 2004)
Greek Cabbies Asked To Be More Accommodating (May 27, 2004)
Housing Summit Will Be Accessible This Time (May 25, 2004)
DC Preps For Accessible Dedication Of WWII Memorial (May 25, 2004)
Reactions Vary To Supreme Court Decision (May 19, 2004)
High Court Upholds Access To Courts (May 17, 2004)
Some Disability Groups See Ally In Alioto-Pier (May 14, 2004)
Riverside County, Voters Sue State Over Touch-Screen Ban (May 7, 2004)
Lawmakers Want Crack-Down On Private Parking Abuses (May 5, 2004)
Town's New ADA Advisory Group Already Sees Results (May 4, 2004)
Anti-Discrimination Law Won't Force Buildings To Close, Minister Says (May 3, 2004)

New York Bus Riders Sue Green Bus Lines & Transportation Department (April 30, 2004)
E-Voting Provider Accused Of Fraud; 14,000 Touch-Screens Banned In California (April 30, 2004)
Commission Goofs On Conference Accommodations, Again (April 29, 2004)
New Ballot Marking Technology May Be Answer To Optical Scan Problems (April 27, 2004)
Blind Lawmaker To Get Braille Translator (April 26, 2004)
Idaho Advocates File Suit Over UI Access Issues (April 23, 2004)
Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants Have Six Months To Become Accessible And Avoid Criminal Charges (April 22, 2004)
Advocates Stage "Roll-In" At Penn Station (April 22, 2004)
Rail Station Out Of Reach, Man Tells MP (April 21, 2004)
Disability Issues Will Be On Voters' Minds At The Polls (April 20, 2004)
E-Government Initiative Websites Are Not Entirely Accessible, Researchers Find (April 19, 2004)
Website Designers Continue To Violate UK Access Law (April 14, 2004)
Movie Theaters Must Guarantee Seats For Wheelchair Users' Companions, Appeals Court Rules (April 14, 2004)
Local Residents Campaign Against Post Office Closures (April 13, 2004)
New Rule Removes Barrier To Diploma For Some Students (April 13, 2004)
City Council Says It Is Serious About Inclusion (April 9, 2004)
New Voting Machines Tested For Accessibility (April 8, 2004)
Alaska Agrees To Graduate Students Without Exit Exam (April 7, 2004)
State Coroner Calls For Improving Railway Crossings (April 5, 2004)
Voting Reforms Nine Years Overdue, Advocates Claim (April 2, 2004)

Duval County Must Provide Accessible Voting Machines, Judge Orders (March 30, 2004)
Tranz Metro Apologizes For Crawling Incident (March 29, 2004)
Commuter Says He Had To Crawl Onto Train (March 26, 2004)
Condo Association Told Boy To Use Back Door Only, Suit Claims (March 18, 2004)
Nine-year-old Advocate Pushes For Accessible Airline Restrooms (March 17, 2004)
Alaskan Students Sue State Over Graduation Exam (March 17, 2004)
Sheriff's Posse Lassoes Parking Violators (March 16, 2004)
International Arts Festival Prepares For Access Law (March 15, 2004)
Lawmakers Miss Chance To Get Message To Many Internet Users (March 15, 2004)
Northwest Airlines Settles With Transportation Department Over Accessibility (March 10, 2003)
Voters Sue California Counties And Secretary Of State Over Touchscreens (March 8, 2004)
Carson City To Become ADA Compliant -- 19 Years After Law's Passage (March 4, 2004)
Wheelchair Ban At High School Track Is Unfair, Wife Says (March 4, 2004)
New Airline's 'Two Wheelchair' Rule Worries Travelers (March 3, 2004)
Spa And Fitness Industries Begin To Think About Accessibility (March 2, 2004)
Discrimination Case Can Move Forward, Judge Rules (March 1, 2003)

Dad Designs Cool Equipment For Kids (Feb. 26, 2004)
Discrimination By Airlines Must Stop, Advocate Says (Feb. 26, 2004)
Tele-Conferencing Puts Distant Sign Language Interpreters In Hospital Rooms (Feb. 25, 2004)
Bill Increases Illegal Parking Penalties; Fines To Benefit Personal Care Program (Feb. 24, 2004)
Friends Ask District For More Than Compliance (Feb. 23, 2004)
Man Given Hut As Accommodation (Feb. 19, 2004)
Wheelchair Users Find Courthouse Has "More Obstacles Than The Legal System" (Feb. 19, 2004)
Passengers Claim 'Rescued' Airlines Still Discriminate (Feb. 19, 2004)
City Makes Quick Decision To Form Disability Commission (Feb. 18, 2004)
American Sign Language Fastest Growing "Foreign Language" (Feb. 13, 2004)
Macy's Stores To Widen Aisles Under Settlement (Feb. 13, 2004)
Decision To Close Public Toilets Is A Mistake, Advocates Say (Feb. 12, 2004)
Man Fined For Upside-Down Parking Badge (Feb. 12, 2004)
Town, County Spat Over Meeting Room Access (Feb. 11, 2004)
Airline Accused Of 'Blatant Profiteering' From Court Decision (Feb. 11, 2004)
Disney-Goers Upset By Segway Ban (Feb. 9, 2004)
Justice Department Pats Self On Back For Pizza Restaurant Settlement, And More (Feb. 6, 2004)
"Opening The Great Outdoors" (Feb. 5, 2004)
Buddhist Temple Uses "Safety Reasons" To Reject Wheelchair User (Feb. 5, 2004)
Real Estate Agents Miss Out By Ignoring Accessibility Issues (Feb. 2, 2004)

Passenger Wins Ryanair Discrimination Suit (Jan. 30, 2004)
Pubs Not Ready For October Accessibility Deadline (Jan. 29, 2004)
Why Fight Accessibility? (Jan. 26, 2004)
Denver Arena To Provide More Accessible Seating (Jan. 26, 2004)
New Hampshire Cracks Down On Illegal Parkers (Jan. 23, 2004)
New Board Appointee Prompts City Hall To Make Old Chamber Accessible (Jan. 23, 2004)
New Website Gives Info On Disability-Friendly Businesses (Jan. 22, 2004)
Parking Lot Owners Need To Maintain Accessible Space Signage (Jan. 21, 2004)
Many Corporate Web Designers "Don't Get It" When It Comes To Accessibility (Jan. 20, 2004)
Massachusetts Court Accessibility Case Settled (Jan. 20, 2004)
Advocates Urge Texas A.G. To Back Away From Disability Cases (Jan. 16, 2004)
Lawmakers Offer Bill To Allow Teens To Use Wheelchairs On Sidewalks (Jan. 16, 2004)
Florida Has Four Months To Ensure Accessible Voting, Judge Rules (Jan. 16, 2004)
Was Refusal To Seat In Booth Discrimination? (Jan. 15, 2004)
Oregon To Examine Courthouses For Accessibility (Jan. 14, 2004)
Justices Hear Tennessee Court Accessibility Case (Jan. 13, 2004)
Respite House Still Not Accessible Or Safe For Children (Jan. 13, 2004)
Woman Charged With Driving Wheelchair While Drunk (Jan. 13, 2004)
Supreme Court Asks Justice Department For Advice On Accessible Theater Suit (Jan. 12, 2004)
Activist Jailed After Taking Bus Hostage (Jan. 9, 2004)
Advocates Plan "Stair Crawl" At Supreme Court (Jan. 8, 2004)
States And Feds Have Slowed On Election Reforms (Jan. 6, 2004)
State Appeals Court Upholds Visitability Ordinance (Jan. 2, 2004)

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Teen's Advocacy May Lead To Law Change (Dec. 29, 2003)
Illinois Buildings To Have Escape Plans By First Of Year (Dec. 22, 2003)
Para-Transit Riders Win Settlement With Bus Company (Dec. 19, 2003)
Improved Telecommunications Access For Deaf Users (Dec. 18, 2003
Passenger Battles Airline Over Wheelchair Fee (Dec. 16, 2003)
News Sites Slow To Make Content Accessible (Dec. 15, 2003)

"Wheelchair-eye View Of Cardiff" (Nov. 26, 2003)
Coalition Wants Feedback On Poll Access (Nov. 25, 2003)
Top China Buffet Will Pay Family For Excluding Service Dog (Nov. 20, 2003)
AARP & Tennessee Disability Coalition Support ADA Court Access (Nov. 17, 2003)
Golf Commission Reviews Ban On Motorized Carts (Nov. 17, 2003)
Group Concerned About Placement Of Hoardings Along Streets (Nov. 14, 2003)
Delta Is Tenth Air Carrier To Be Fined For Violating Federal Access Law (Nov. 14, 2003)
Asian Countries To Develop Standards For Universal Design (Nov. 10, 2003)
Rail Company Enlists Help From "Mystery" Passenger (Nov. 4, 2003)
New Football Stadium To Be Designed With Wheelchairs In Mind (Nov. 4, 2003)

Court Throws Out Discrimination Suit Against Girl Scouts (Oct. 31, 2003)
New Dollywood Policy: No More Free Rides (Oct. 30, 2003)
Week In Wheelchair Opened Eyes Of Transit Manager To Access Problems (Oct. 29, 2003)
Car Rental Companies Agree To Provide Accessible Airport Shuttle Buses (Oct. 28, 2003)
More Than One-Half Of Federal Web Sites Are Not Accessible, Study Finds (Oct. 24, 2003)
Comedian's "Sensitivity" Back-Fires (Oct. 22, 2003)
City Agrees Teen Can Use Wheelchair In Streets (Oct. 22, 2003)
Hearing On Courts' Lack Of Accessibility Held In Non-Accessible Courtroom (Oct. 17, 2003)
Banks Could Lose Money, Lawsuits And Customers Over Lack Of Access (Oct. 10, 2003)
Jamaicans Hit Hard By Fare Increases (Oct. 10, 2003)
AirTran Fined For Wheelchair Violations (Oct. 9, 2003)
Vancouver Readies For Hosting 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympics (Oct. 6, 2003)
Few Know Of Service Dog Law, Survey Says (Oct. 2, 2003)
Businesses Have One Year To Comply With Disability Law, Minister Warns (Oct. 1, 2003)

City Provides Accessibility Loans For Businesses (Sept. 26, 2003)
Broadway Moves Toward Accessibility (Sept. 25, 2003)
Digital TV Excludes Many, Report Shows (Sept. 19, 2003)
Former Purdue Student Claims University Discriminated Against Her (Sept. 15, 2003)
Mayor Daley Calls For More Accessible And Visitable Housing (Sept. 8, 2003)
College Ordered To Admit Teen & Wheelchair (Sept. 3, 2003)

Airlines Fined For Discrimination Against Wheelchair Users (August 29, 2003)
Gallery Owner Calls Eviction 'Discriminatory' (August 29, 2003)
Vegas Scores High With Wheelchair Users (August 21, 2003)
Accessibility Award Goes To Local Adult "Toy" Store (August 20, 2003)
Justice Department Studies City Buildings For Accessibility (August 15, 2003)
iBot Climbing Wheelchair Finally Gets FDA Approval (August 13, 2003)
Courthouse Access Is About Democracy (August 13, 2003)
Costco, Kmart Accused Of Discriminating Against Service Animals (August 12, 2003)
Access Trial Against Mervyn's Begins (August 12, 2003)
Nation's First Accessible Tall Ship Launched (August 8, 2003)
Demonstrators Protest Fifth Year For Post Office Access (August 5, 2003)
Rolling Stones Concert Most Accessible In Canada's History (August 1, 2003)

Concert Planned To Help Make Lucy The Elephant Accessible (July 31, 2003)
Court Patrons And Employees Sue For Courthouse Access (July 25, 2003)
High School Students Build Home Designed For Wheelchair Users (July 11, 2003)
Blind Web Users Go After Disability-Unfriendly Web Designers (July 11, 2003)
Disgusted Bus Rider Stages Impromptu Protest (July 1, 2003)

Sacramento Settles Sidewalk Accessibility Case (June 30, 2003)
Japanese Still Have Access Barriers To Eliminate (June 19, 2003)
Government Official 'Fed Up' With Airline (June 16, 2003)
DOJ: Concert-Goers Can Bring Diabetic Supplies And Food To SFX Venues (June 12, 2003)
Town Holds "Pro-Gary Rally" To Support Cart Driver (June 10, 2003)
Solicitor General Supports Disability Rights Advocates In Sacramento Sidewalk Case (June 4, 2003)
Just Look For The "Happy Toilet" Logo (June 3, 2003)

Travelers Told Train Could Not Handle Two Wheelchairs (May 29, 2003)
Wheelchair Users Get Snubbed By NYC Taxi Companies (May 28, 2003)
Student Granted Extra Time For Finals May Be First In Country (May 22, 2003)
Former Track Coach Claims He Was Kept Off Course Illegally (May 9, 2003)

Movie Theaters Must Offer Stadium Seating To Wheelchair Users, Judge Orders (April 4, 2003)

Sign Language Can Help Infants Communicate (March 31, 2003)
State Sues Walgreen Co. Over Access Issues (March 13, 2004)
Student Gets Van For School (March 10, 2003)

Football League Avoids Boycott; Promises To Review Stadium Accessibility (Feb. 20, 2003)
Teen Sues Airlines Over Non-Captioned In-Flight Movies (Feb. 20, 2003)
Feds Issue Fact Sheet On Teleworking As ADA Accommodation (Feb. 6, 2003)

"Visitability" Measure To Be Re-Introduced In Congress (Jan. 29, 2003)
Fan Did Not Want To Be "The Grinch Who Stole The Super Bowl" (Jan. 22, 2003)
Rewiring Door Brings Out Administrator's Angry Side (Jan. 9, 2003)
City Finishes Curb Ramps Just In Time (Jan. 6, 2003)
Feds Move Technology Access Deadline (January 2, 2003)

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San Diego Sides With Advocates In Sidewalk Case (Dec. 30, 2003)
Mom Frustrated With School's Excuses (Dec. 19, 2002)
City Faces Lawsuits If Buildings Are Not Made Accessible (Dec. 18, 2002)
"Accessibility Is Key Part Of Building Design" (Dec. 4, 2002)

Florida Election Access Suit Moves Forward (Nov. 21, 2002)
Pittsburgh Eyes Visitability Proposal (Nov. 18, 2002)
DOJ Claims Apartment Complex Discriminates Against People With Disabilities (Nov. 13, 2002)
Discrimination Suits Are Not Allowed Under Federal Carrier Law, Court Rules (Nov. 4, 2002)

Voters Sue For Access At Polls -- (October 30, 2002)
City Sued For Housing Discrimination (October 28, 2002)
Election Reform Package Includes Money For Accessible Voting Methods (October 23, 2002)
Utah Advocacy Group Sues Retail Stores And Developers For Access Problems (October 21, 2002)
Home Builders Are Smart To Think "Visitability" (October 3, 2002)
Disagreement Over Costs Of Accessible Schools (October 2, 2002)


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