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11-Year-Old Devon Parades Down Main Street
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
November 15, 2006

YAMHILL, OREGON--Just three months ago, doctors gave little hope that 11-year-old Devon Rivers would come out of what they had described as a "persistent vegetative state".

But his parents refused to give up.

This past Sunday, Devon smiled and waved to crowds that had gathered in the small town of Yamhill to welcome him back home for the first time in more than two years.

Doctors still have few answers as to what caused the boy to lapse into a coma in October 2004 and then the more 'permanent' persistent vegetative state -- or why he started recovering this autumn.

According to the McMinnville News-Register, Devon now plays, feeds himself, and tries to talk his parents into letting him drive. His one-day home visit was timed to coincide with his mother's birthday.

"This is a great present," Carla Rivers said. "It's huge. It's a miracle. He's getting to come home and see his town again."

Devon's family hopes he will soon leave the pediatric nursing facility where he has lived for much of the last two years and come home for good.

Yamhill welcomes Devon back home (McMinnville News-Register)
Back from a 22-month sleep October 7, 2006 (McMinnville News-Register)


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