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Family Wants To Know Why Mom Was Made To Scoot Up Stairs
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
October 23, 2006

BRADFORD, ENGLAND--Ellen Summers, 82, and her family are angry and they want answers.

They want to know why, as they claim, paramedics with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service stood idly by and watched earlier this month, as Summers was made to sit on the front stairs of her house, then scoot on her bottom up each step to the door.

The incident allegedly took place on October 2, when ambulance staff returned Summers from a hospital where she had been treated for a leg injury after a fall. She told The Telegraph that they dropped her off and watched as she sat on the step, then shuffled -- in a leg cast -- up the stairs and down a corridor. They only helped her, she said, when she got to her sofa.

Summers' daughter called her mother's treatment "inhumane and degrading".

"The trauma of the fall was bad enough for her to cope with but after having to drag herself into the house," said Patricia Wells, "she was left exhausted and for a person with a heart condition this could have proved fatal."

Mrs. Summers said the only way she would allow herself to be transported by ambulance again if she is unconscious.

The ambulance service's operations director apologized and said a full investigation was underway.

"I Had To Shuffle Up Steps On My Bottom" (The Telegraph)


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