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Jury Convicts Man Of 'Vengeful' Assault
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
September 29, 2006

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND--A jury on Friday convicted a man of assault for kicking a shopper and throwing him down an escalator.

Mark Logan, 38, will be sentenced later this month for assaulting Kevin Crowden, who reportedly has "serious behavioral problems" and "requires help with daily living" because of his autism..

During four days of testimony, the jury heard how, while waiting in line at a pharmacy on January 2, Crowden kicked the back of the legs of Logan's girlfriend, for no apparent reason, and then swore at the couple.

Logan chased Crowden into a nearby clothing store, where he kicked Crowden's legs, then grabbed his shoulders from behind and threw him down the moving stairs. Logan then left Crowden screaming in pain at the bottom of the escalator and went back to the pharmacy, where witnesses said he bragged and joked about his revenge.

Crowden was hospitalized for four days after being treated for two fractures to his spine and cuts across his body. He has since made a full recovery.

After the jury returned the verdict, it was revealed that Logan has been convicted twice previously for assault, and that Crowden has seven previous convictions for assault -- one of which included a four-month sentence, the Scotsman reported.

"Man found guilty of 'cruel' assault on autistic victim" (Scotsman)


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