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Advocate Says Authorities Have Been Slow To Investigate Police Assault Complaint
September 15, 2006

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--It would be an understatement to say William Conway is unhappy with the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Policy Service, informally known as the SkyTrain police.

"They tried to break my wrist," Conway told the weekly Georgia Straight. "They tried to choke me out of consciousness."

Conway, a member of the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, claims that on February 22, two SkyTrain officers went from questioning him on whether his German Shepard was a certified guide dog to downright assaulting him.

Conway, who has been blind since age eight, said he passed out and only came to when the dog began licking his face. He said he later found a gash on his leg.

What frustrates him most is the fact that nearly seven months after the incident SkyTrain still has not finished its investigation into his official complaint.

"The status is, I don't know," he said.

The Coalition's executive director, Margaret Birrell, said of the alleged attack: "It's an outrageous behavior. These are supposedly professional staff. When you're supposed to be protecting the public and on public payroll, it is inappropriate."

This and other complaints currently under investigation have many wondering if the decision at the beginning of this year to arm the transit police was such a good idea, the Georgia Straight noted.

Blind man claims cop abuse (Georgia Straight)


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