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Girl Told To Sit Out While Others Skate
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
August 21, 2006

WELWYN, ENGLAND--Charlie Hall's mother, Laura, wants her six-year-old daughter to be fully included in everything the family does.

But the mother of two was brought to tears last Wednesday, when officials at Rollercity told her that Charlie, who has Rett syndrome, would not be allowed on the rink in her wheelchair for "health and safety reasons".

"They said she could sit on the side and watch, but it wasn't even busy," Laura told The Welwyn & Hatfield Times. "That's like putting an ice cream next to a child and saying you can't eat it."

"She can laugh and smile," said Laura, adding that Charlie has been included in many other activities without any problems. "She's not a potato sitting in there."

The rink's operators apologized for Charlie's disappointment, but maintained that the ban on wheelchairs during public sessions was intended to "eliminate the possibility of accidents occurring between public skaters and those in a wheelchair and their carer."

"Wheelchair ban for roller fan Charlie" (The Welwyn & Hatfield Times)


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