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President Apologizes For Off-Hand Sunglasses Remark
June 15, 2006

WASHINGTON, DC--Los Angeles Times reporter Peter Wallsten received an apology from President George W. Bush Wednesday, a few hours after Bush made fun of the reporter's sunglasses.

"Are you gonna ask that question with shades on?" Bush asked, when Wallsten asked a question about White House aide Karl Rove.

"I'm interested in the 'shade look' -- seriously."

"For the viewers, there's no sun," Bush explained to the television cameras that were focused on him.

The president did not realize at the time that Wallsten wears sunglasses because he has a form of blindness called Stargardt's disease, in which sun and glare can cause pain and more rapid vision loss.

Wallsten told his paper that Bush called him later that day to apologize for the remark.

"Bush Apologizes to Times Reporter for Making Fun of His Sunglasses" (Los Angeles Times)


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