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Formula One Designer Rolls Out New Off-Road Wheelchair
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
June 14, 2006

SWINDON, ENGLAND--After a five-year long process, a designer of Formula One race cars has launched his version of a sleek, rugged all-terrain wheelchair.

Mike Spindle's introduced his "K-2" Trekinetic front-wheel drive chair at the Mobility Roadshow this past weekend.

The K-2 starts out with a "triaxle" design, with two large front wheels that can be outfitted with mountain bike tires, and a single smaller wheel in the back that adds stability and keeps the user from tipping backward. Hand levers make breaking and steering simple.

The tilt, or camber, of the front wheels can be adjusted so the user can easily get in and out of doorways or go "off-road". It's lightweight; just 20 pounds with the front wheels removed. And if the rider is worried about rain, the K-2 has a built-in socket for fitting a 30-inch wide umbrella.

Judging from the pictures on Trekinetic's website, the K-2 is pretty cool -- if you can get past the £1,800 ($3,300 US) price tag.

The Mobility Roadshow, which was held June 8 - 10, featured "products or services to help disabled children integrate into everyday life", according to the event's website

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