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Wheelchair User Upset After Being Told To Leave Train
May 4, 2006

WALESWORTH, ENGLAND--Susan Foster says an incident that took place recently at a local train station left her so upset she doubts she will ever travel alone.

Foster told the East Anglian Daily Times that when she tried to get onto a train to return home, the conductor told her she had to get off because there was no room for her wheelchair.

Foster said she started to argue with the conductor because there were no wheelchair users in the space that is reserved for such travelers, but that has a fold-down seat for travelers who do not use wheelchairs. Instead, a woman had sat down on the seat and refused to move.

The situation was defused when a friend of the seated woman convinced her to move to a different seat.

Foster filed a formal complaint with the rail service, she said, to ensure that future wheelchair users do not run into the same problems.

"I have only just been having enough confidence to travel on my own but this has come as a big shock to me and I will probably want to have someone with me from now on," Foster said later.

A spokesperson for the rail service apologized to Foster and said the conductor would have arranged a taxi to take her home if needed.

"Wheelchair user angry at train operator" (East Anglian Daily Times)


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