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J-Mac Movie Deal In The Works
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
April 25, 2006

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK--After dazzling the world on the small screen, it looks like J-Mac will be doing it all over again on the big screen.

High school senior Jason McElwain, 17, has signed a deal with SONY, the parent company of Columbia Records, to make a movie about his life and the amazing feat that has amazed audiences on television news programs and websites around the world.

On February 15, in his first varsity game ever, the manager of the Athena Greece high school basketball team scored 20 points, including sinking six 3-pointers in a row, during the last four minutes of the last regular season game. The coach had put him in the game as a way of saying thanks for all of his support and help during the season.

McElwain, who has autism, was slated to meet this week with basketball legend Magic Johnson, who helped put the movie deal together. Johnson, who is slated to help produce the film, said it would have been nearly impossible for a professional basketball veteran to match J-Mac's performance, let alone a high school student in his first game.

Also in on the project is Laura Ziskin, who produced the recent Spiderman movie series. The deal reportedly gives Columbia Pictures up to two years to put the film together.

On Tuesday, J-Mac was featured in an 8-minute segment on "The Oprah Winfrey Show", which is taped in Chicago. McElwain, who has said he doesn't believe his autism affects him very much, continued to downplay his performance.

"I didn't know how big it was going to be at all," McElwain said. "I just went in and tried to play basketball. That's all I got to say. Hit the buckets -- just a good game."

During his Chicago trip, McElwain made a stop in Cleveland, Ohio to watch the Cavaliers play the New York Knicks during "Autism Awareness Night". During halftime, he was recognized on TNT's national broadcast while his team was given Cavalier jerseys to take home.

"This is the best month of my life," he said.

Last month, President George W. Bush stopped in Jason's hometown to congratulate him.

McElwain's school district has been working for the past six years to include students with disabilities in the regular classrooms and after school activities.

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