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Lone Protester Draws Attention To Store's Poorly-Placed Banner
April 19, 2006

VACAVILLE, CALIFORNIA--"Here we are 15 years after the signing of the (Americans with Disabilities Act), and I and other disabled people still have to do this."

That's what Byron Chapman said after he protested a Vacaville cell phone store's decision to hang of an advertising banner in front of two parking spaces designated for motorists with disabilities.

Chapman, who is a member of Citizens Acting for the Rights of the Disabled, told the Vacaville Reporter that the banner's location -- just inches above a wheelchair ramp -- violated the ADA and state law by blocking his access and that of other people with disabilities.

A store employee removed the sign, but only when Chapman showed up early in the morning and blocked the front door with his motorized wheelchair.

"It's a shame that we have to continue to do this," he said. "But we will not let up."

"Banner brings protest from disabled" (The Reporter)
Photo of Byron Chapman protesting outside Vacaville store (The Reporter)


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