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Mum Captures Badly Parked Cop Car On Cell Phone Camera
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
March 29, 2006

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND--An angry mother of a child with a disability took action this week when she spotted a police car parked in a space designated for motorists with disabilities.

The Mirror and The Sun reported that when Clare Alexander, 28, saw a Hampshire Police patrol car parked in the reserved spot outside a court building, she took a picture of the offending Ford Fiesta with her cell phone camera.

Alexander, whose five-year-old daughter Sapphire has autism, then stuck a note on the windshield.

"I wrote on the note that I have a disabled daughter and asked them if they could be more considerate when they park again," she said. "They seem to think there is one law for them and another for us."

The news led to condemnation from advocates at the Southampton Center for Independent Living.

"The bays are there for disabled people because they cannot walk long distances," said the program's coordinator Ian Loynes. "I don't see there is any case for this."

A police spokesperson said the officer involved had admitted his mistake and apologized for the error.

Last June, two Cleveland Police officers in Stockton, England were issued formal reprimands after a passerby armed with a camera snapped a photo of their police van parked in a such a designated space outside a shopping center -- even though there plenty of other empty spaces nearby. The photo was published in the Evening Gazette.

"Camera nabs police cheat" (The Sun)
"Snapshot Of 'Lazy' Cops Sparks Outrage" June 27, 2005 (Inclusion Daily Express Archives)


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