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Will He Learn, Perhaps, That It's Best To Just Pay The Ticket?
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
December 20, 2005

PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE--A couple of mistakes could put William S. Shufro behind bars for up to seven years.

First, Shufro, 46, parked illegally in a parking space designated for motorists with disabilities -- earning him a ticket with a $100 fine.

Second, police say, Shufro tried to alter the ticket to make it look like it had been issued for parking in a regular "no parking" zone, a violation which carries just a $20 fine, then sent it on to City Hall.

What Shufro apparently hadn't counted on was the fact that police had the original ticket, which they matched up with Shufro's altered copy.

They then charged him with felony forgery, which carries a 3 1/2 to seven year prison sentence, Police Lt. Fred Hoysradt told the Associated Press.

For his third mistake, Shufro told Portsmouth District Court Judge Sharon DeVries, during his arraignment Monday: "Your honor, this is a parking violation."

DeVries corrected Shufro for his third mistake, and then set a January 3 hearing on his forgery charges.


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