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Student Claims She Needs Ferret At College Dorm
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
October 24, 2005

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--A Texas student has filed a disability discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice so she can bring her ferret to her college dormitory.

The Associated Press reported that Sarah Sevick, 19, said she is having trouble in her classes because of post-traumatic stress disorder related to a physical disability and depression.

"It's something inside my body that I can't control," she said.

The freshman claimed that it is medically necessary for her to have the ferret, named Lilly, to calm her during panic attacks.

"I'm not suing the school, and I'm not asking for money," Sevick added. "I'm just trying to get her here."

She said officials with Our Lady of the Lake University have not allowed her to have the ferret out of fear that the animal would hurt other students, and because it has not been trained as an official service animal.

But Rick White, a local ferret rescuer, said that the school is basing its resistance on outdated information.

"In order to make ferrets bite, you have to really provoke them," White explained.

University officials did not comment, citing student privacy issues.

"Dorm's ferret ban spurs disabilities complaint" (Houston Chronicle)


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