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Brits Criticize California Wheelchair Maker For "Derogatory" Name
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
October 17, 2005

LONDON, ENGLAND--Disability advocates in the United Kingdom are outraged over the name of a U.S. produced wheelchair that was recently introduced to Britain.

Some are demanding that the manufacturer, Colours in Motion, change the name of its new "Spazz" mobility device because the word is offensive to wheelchair users and others in the UK.

"The term spazz is derogatory for spastic. We stopped using even that term years ago because of the connotations," Margie Woodward, spokesperson for the disability charity Scope, told The Sun.

"I understand it is a good wheelchair but we can't go along with the name. If it carries on, it won't be long before children are calling each other 'spazzo' in the playground again."

A spokesperson for the Corona, California wheelchair manufacturer said they had not realized the name would offend potential customers.

"Here in California spazz isn't short for spasticity, it means to be wild or crazy."

"I understand it is derogatory elsewhere and we have had people ask why we're making fun of disabled people. We're not."

"Disabled outrage over wheelchair called the 'Spazz'" (Daily Record)
Colours in Motion


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