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Study: Nearly One-Half Of Sex Abuse Allegations Confirmed
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
August 29, 2005

DUBLIN, IRELAND--A 15-year study on sexual abuse of adults with intellectual disabilities revealed that nearly half of sex abuse allegations were confirmed.

The Sunday Times reported that the researchers from by St. Michaels' House and Trinity College Dublin studied 250 allegations of abuse from a population of 1,450 people. Investigators confirmed 47 percent of those allegations.

More than half of the perpetrators were found to be adolescents or adults with intellectual disabilities. One-fourth of the perpetrators were relatives of the victims. Just one out of 11 cases involved staff members.

"Over the 15 years, the trend was slightly up and we think this is because we are now better at detecting abuse," said the study's co-author Dr. Bob McCormack. "Improved vigilance means greater discovery."

"Report finds hidden abuse of disabled people" (Sunday Times),,2091-1753731,00.html


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