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Worker Chose Wrong Person To Disrespect
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
August 10, 2005

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND--Barry de Geest got a surprise late last month when he told an able-bodied employee of the Auckland District Health Board that he was parking improperly in a spot designated for motorists with disabilities.

"He said he couldn't give a **** because he was dropping off heavy equipment [a computer] and he will park wherever he likes," de Geest explained. "He then abused me as he left. He gave me the finger salute and told me to get ****ed."

It's likely the employee got a surprise when he learned that de Geest, who uses a wheelchair, is the chairman of the very board that employs him.

De Geest brought the incident up to the board during its August 4 meeting.

Chief executive Garry Smith said he was taking it seriously, but that employment law kept him from saying what corrective action the worker might face.

"Health worker abuses disabled board member at parking bay" (New Zealand Herald)


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