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NCIL Adopts Right To Food And Water Resolution
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
August 5, 2005

WASHINGTON, DC--In case you missed it, during the National Council on Independent Living's annual conference last month, the organization adopted a resolution on the rights of people with disabilities to have food and water.

In part, it reads: "NCIL supports legislation that restores and maintains restrictions on surrogate decisions for withholding of food and water via tube. Specifically, legislation should only allow for withholding of food and water in the presence of 'clear and convincing evidence' of the person's wishes or when the person's medical condition renders them incapable of digesting or absorbing the nutrition and hydration so that its provision would not contribute to sustaining the person's life."

". . . centers for independent living in each state are encouraged to advocate for legislation and other public policies to establish or restore constitutional restrictions on the starvation and dehydration of people with cognitive disabilities."

"NCIL Resolution on Rights of People with Disabilities to Food and Water" (Not Dead Yet)
2005 Annual Conference Photos (National Council on Independent Living)


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