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The Buzz On 'Murderball'
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
July 25, 2005

UNITED STATES--I wish I could give you a review of the new documentary "Murderball".

The film follows the U.S. quadriplegic rugby teams from the 2002 World Championships to the Paralympic Games in Athens last summer.

Unfortunately for me and thousands of other Spokanites, while it opened in the nation's largest cities early this month, and then spread to smaller venues last Friday, it doesn't look like it's scheduled for Spokane any time soon.

So I'll have to rely on the words of others who have seen it -- even the ones who have seen it three or more times.

The 'word on the street' is that this movie is simply phenomenal. Popular movie critics like Roger Ebert have rated it very high.

More importantly, folks who use wheelchairs and have seen "Murderball" say it is by far the best film on disability . . . ever.

"Murderball doesn't dispel myths and stereotypes," wrote quad rugby veteran Ed Hooper for the Ragged Edge Magazine. "It takes big fat bites out of those sugary sweet, pathetic images and stereotypes, chews 'em up and spits 'em out."

The action and the language is as rough as the players, earning the movie an R-rating.

And it's cool: MTV is hosting the weblog for one of the featured players, Mark Zupan.

Here is a list of several reviews. Take your pick.

Then go see it . . . if you can.

"Reviews of 'Murderball'" (Rotten Tomatoes)
"Game on!" by Ed Hooper (Ragged Edge Magazine)
"Murderball" review by Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)
"'Murderball': The wheel deal" (USA Today)
"Mark Zupan's 'Murderball' Journal" (MTV)
"'Murderball', Ten Things You Can Do" (Mark Johnson);&sort=D
"'Murderball': Quadriplegic and Hypermasculine" (Fox News),2933,161985,00.html
"Wheelchair Warriors Murderball and the game of life" (National Review)
"'Murderball': A Stirring Tutorial on Wheel Life" (Washington Post)
"Quad-rugby doc 'Murderball' is all about guts, glory" (Seattle Times)
"Paralyzed Into Action: The Men Of 'Murderball'" (Washington Post)


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