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Queensland Parents Detail Abuses
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
May 27, 2005

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA--Queensland Parents for People with a Disability has issued a report to the state government detailing "shocking" allegations of widespread abuse, assault and neglect of people by Queensland Health, the criminal justice system, along with disability and child protection services.

The group's president, Kathy Ellem, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that people with disabilities are being financially exploited, improperly medicated, and "put in life-threatening situations because their health needs aren't being met."

The report also claims that whistleblowers and their families have been afraid that the government would retaliate against them for bringing their complaints forward.

Acting Minister for Disability Services, Henry Palaszczuk, told ABC the government welcomed the report and its recommendations.

"We are viewing this report very, very seriously because at the end of the day we are speaking about the most vulnerable people in our community and that is people who suffer from a disability," he said.

Queensland Parents for People with a Disability Inc.


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