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Jamaican Advocates Closely Watch Sex Crime Case
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
May 10, 2005

KINGSTON, JAMAICA--Disability advocates in Jamaica are determined to increase awareness of the problem of sexual abuse and molestation, in the wake of the report of a fifth alleged rape of a young woman with mental disabilities in the past year.

Members of the Jamaican Association on Mental Retardation and the National Advisory Board for Persons with Disabilities told the Jamaica Observer that most such rapes go unreported because the victims have trouble communicating, the victims and families feel shame and guilt, and the family of the accused persons put pressure on the victims. Of those who are reported, few are prosecuted.

The groups hope to educate the public about mental disabilities, as well as the problems within the legal system with is supposed to protect vulnerable people. They also want the courts and potential perpetrators to know they are watching the case carefully.

"We'll be watching you! Disabled community keeping tabs on rape case" (Jamaica Observer)


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