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Abuse Of Women With Disabilities A Problem In And Out Of Fiji Institutions
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
February 18, 2005

SUVA, FIJI--Many young women with disabilities in the island nation of Fiji have been sexually or physically assaulted in institutions and in their own homes, according to a disability rights activist.

"In my one-to-one talks with these disabled women at St Giles (Hospital) and in the community, their stories were the same, and that is they have been physically and sexually abused by those who are supposed to be taking care of them," Sainimili Tawake, who is with Disabled People International, told a conference on Violence Against Women on Thursday.

Tawake told the audience that the victims seldom report the crimes because they are afraid or because they do not know their rights.

"Most of these girls and women do not have access to basic information about sex, health, HIV and AIDS, human rights and programs to assist them," she explained.

"Disabled women abused: Activist" (Fiji Times)


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