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Lawmaker Urges Adapted Vehicle Allowance For Children Under Age Three
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
October 20, 2004

LONDON, ENGLAND--A British Member of Parliament said Wednesday he plans to propose a measure in the House of Commons to allow families who have children with physical disabilities under age three to qualify for an allowance that will help them buy specially adapted vehicles.

According to the BBC, Labor MP Martin Caton launched the campaign after meeting two-year-old Seren Owen, who has cerebral palsy, and her mother, Alison Owen.

"I think what parents of young children with disabilities need is that extra size vehicle," Alison said.

"An adapted vehicle that has a ramp or a lift in the back that a wheelchair can just be put in whole - that would save an awful lot of time," she added. "From a personal point of view, it would make a huge impact on daily and weekend life."

Caton's proposal would give such families a £36 ($66 US) monthly allowance toward purchasing such a vehicle.

Mr. Caton, who is asking for input from other families in the same situation, said: "I was shocked at how difficult it was for people like Seren and her family to get around and live as normally as possible because of the failure of the current rules."

"Fight for toddler's mobility cash" (BBC News)


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