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State Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Baby Aiden Stein Appeal
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
September 16, 2004

AKRON, OHIO--The Ohio Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear an appeal by Aiden Stein' parents over whether the 10-month-old boy can remain on a ventilator that is keeping him alive.

The court has scheduled the hearing for October 26 -- the day before Aiden's first birthday.

Aiden has been in a coma since March 15, from injuries that doctors say are consistent with shaken baby syndrome, allegedly caused by his father. Doctors predict that the infant will die if his ventilator is removed.

Authorities at Akron Children's Hospital requested he be taken off life support. They claim that his parents, Matt Stein and Arica Heimlich, have a conflict of interest in wanting Aiden kept alive because the father could face criminal charges if he dies.

A guardian appointed to represent Aiden agreed with the doctors that his ventilator should be removed.

Aiden's parents have challenged the appointment of the guardian for their son, claiming that their parental rights were violated. Neither parent has been charged with a crime in connection with Aiden's injury.

They believe Aiden responds to human stimulation and want him moved out of the hospital where doctors expect him to die.

"Aiden Stein: Hospital Wants Baby's Life Support Removed" (Inclusion Daily Express Archives)


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