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Player Tossed From School Team Because He's Too Old
September 14, 2004

FALMOUTH, KENTUCKY--Larry Myrnes is a 19-year-old Pendleton County High School senior at who loves to play soccer.

But the Kentucky High School Athletic Association does not allow students over age 18 to compete in school sports.

Unfortunately, nobody at the school realized Myrnes, who has Cornelia de Lange syndrome and mental retardation, was too old to play, until he had already been in two games.

"I don't like it," Myrnes told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "This is my first year playing on a school team."

The school's athletic director, who took full responsibility for the error, said he wouldn't even try to get the KHSAA to make an exception in Myrnes' case.

"It would be nice if there was some kind of stipulation for a situation like this," said Tom Woofter. But, he explained, if the association made exceptions for one person, others might expect them, too.

"Age rule boots dream of playing" (Cincinnati Enquirer)


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