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Teachers, Parents Look For Right Balance Of Inclusiveness
September 10, 2004

MELROSE, MASSACHUSETTS--Thursday's Melrose Free Press featured a thoughtful article about inclusive education.

The article looked at efforts in recent years to move children with disabilities out of self-contained "special education" classrooms and into traditional or "regular" classrooms.

Experts have found that such children increase social and academic skills when they are placed with other children their own age.

Some parents and educators still insist, however, that schools address the individual needs of those students through separate, one-on-one support rather than in the larger classroom setting.

"That's the misconception, that you can only have one and not the other," said Assistant Superintendent of Schools Jeanne Whitten. "It's really important to have both kinds of models, because not all children can fit into inclusionary settings."

"I will continue to emphasize having programs that meet the needs of children," she said. "What form they will take will change as the children's needs change."

"Inclusion and education: A delicate balance" (Melrose Free Press)


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