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Americans Celebrate 14th Anniversary Of ADA
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
July 26, 2004

UNITED STATES--Today is the 14th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The sweeping anti-discrimination legislation was designed to guarantee certain rights for people with disabilities, including equal access to public accommodations, services, and employment.

Few would argue that things have not improved as far as access to buildings, services and transportation. However, the percentage of Americans with disabilities who are unemployed or underemployed has not changed significantly since 1990.

As many expected when the ADA became law, it has been challenged repeatedly by business owners who claim that following the law is too costly, and by states that claim Congress overstepped its Constitutional authority by allowing individuals to sue state governments. Many such challenges have made it to the U.S. Supreme Court, which has tended to narrowly define the scope of the law.

While there is much yet to overcome, citizens with disabilities in the U.S. -- along with other countries that have modeled their disability laws after the ADA -- have reason to celebrate on this day.

Here's how some marked the anniversary:
"Proclamation: Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 2004" (White House)
"Nancy Pelosi Statement on 14th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act"
"ADA Anniversary Message From the Dart Family" (Justice For All)
"N.O.D. Salutes Congressman Jim Langevin at ADA Anniversary Event" (National Organization on Disability)
"ADA celebrates 14th anniversary" by Karen Meyer (ABC7Chicago)
"Businesses sued over ADA on 14th anniversary" (Austin Business Journal)


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