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Neighbors Say Group Homes Are Good For Their Neighborhoods
June 28, 2004

CEDARBURG, WISCONSIN--Saturday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a short item by columnist Mike Nichols about plans to establish a group home for people with developmental disabilities in the small town of Cedarburg.

As Inclusion Daily Express readers have seen over and over, group homes are still being met with resistance and opposition.

But Nichols talked to people who have lived near such residences for years and found that many feel good about their neighbors with disabilities.

"I would not mind having a whole block of those homes," said one man who has lived near a group home for 10 years.

Nichols suggested that people living near the planned home respond by being good neighbors themselves, and throw a party or, perhaps, bring over muffins.

"Communities, say neighbors, benefit from group homes" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)


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