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Judge As Much To Blame As Terri Schiavo's Husband
April 30, 2004

TAMPA, FLORIDA--Wesley J. Smith, a regular contributor to the Weekly Standard, wrote a piece Friday condemning Michael Schiavo, the husband and guardian of Terri Schiavo, and Judge George Greer, the Pinellas County Circuit Court Judge who has repeatedly supported Mr. Schiavo's position in a number of legal challenges.

Smith notes that Mr. Schiavo has "shirked" his responsibility as Terri's guardian numerous times since her 1990 brain injury. In spite of evidence showing Terri has been abused and exploited by her husband, Greer has continued to find in his favor.

Most recently, Schiavo has tried to keep Terri's family from visiting her.

Smith points out that Schiavo's legal ground is shaky, however.

State law requires guardianship plans to be reviewed every year. Mr. Schiavo has failed to write a new plan since July of 2001.

"Under the law, Greer should have hauled Michael into court to explain why he has failed to file a plan for court approval," Smith explained. "Instead, Greer granted each of Michael's repeated (and often tardy) requests for extra time to file his plans. Meaning Judge Greer has permitted Michael to act as guardian of Terri for nearly three years without a guardianship plan in effect, even though under Florida law, this means that Michael has no legal authority over her."

"This entire travesty must come to an end," he concluded. "Not only is the life of a helpless human being at stake, but so too are the rule of law and the application of ordered justice."

"The Assault on Terri Schiavo Continues" by Wesley J. Smith (Weekly Standard)
"Terri Schiavo's Right To Live" (Inclusion Daily Express)


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