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Son Catches Mom's Abuser On Video
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
March 18, 2004

SINGAPORE--Hidden video cameras, installed by a safety-minded son, captured the images of a man sexually assaulting his 59-year-old mother, who has mental disabilities.

The man who committed the crime -- the woman's own uncle -- was sentenced Tuesday to two years in jail, according to the Straits Times.

The son, who was not named in news accounts in order to protect his mother's privacy, said he had installed video surveillance equipment in the bedrooms and living room of their flat in late 2002. After he smelled an unfamiliar cologne in his mother's bedroom room a few months later, he viewed recordings from the video cameras and was shocked and revolted to find images of his great-uncle forcing his mother to perform oral sex on him.

The son turned the video tapes over to police, who arrested his 65-year-old great-uncle.

During his trial, the great-uncle -- a retired police officer -- did not deny the actions recorded on the tapes, but tried to convince the court that the sexual relationship with his niece was consensual. The judge called that a "sham defense" and said the man "acted out of lust, not love."

The victim, who reportedly has schizophrenia and mental retardation, testified that her uncle had convinced her that oral sex would make her teeth grow back so she could eat the kinds of food she enjoyed.

The newspaper noted that she has been given sedatives to help her deal with stress and trauma since the incidents.

The 38-year-old son explained that their entire home has been tainted by the events, and that he plans to move his mother with him to another flat.

"I am going to have a video camera in my home for as long as my mother lives, for her protection," he said. "We cannot be there 24 hours a day."


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