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Nine-year-old Advocate Pushes For Accessible Airline Restrooms
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
March 17, 2004

COPPELL, TEXAS--A nine-year-old girl has launched a petition drive to draw attention to the need for accessible restrooms on airliners.

A recently-launched Internet petition includes a statement written by Rasha Kawar, a third-grade student "in a regular classroom" in Coppell, Texas, who drives "a cool power wheelchair".

In the statement, Rasha wrote that she has had trouble using the restrooms in airplanes because they are too small for her and her mother, who must help her.

"I hit my head maybe one hundred times, maybe more, and it really hurt a lot," she wrote.

A letter raising the issue to President George W. Bush got Rasha a nice reply, along pictures of the president, Mrs. Bush, and their dogs.

"This was very nice, but he did not solve my problem yet," Rasha concluded.

"I will write him back so he will care about all people, and I mean all of them, even if they use a wheelchair."

"Can you help me please? If you agree with me, can you sign my petition and tell all your friends all over the world to sign it too?"

As of this writing, 1982 people had participated in Rasha's on-line petition.

The results of the petition will be sent to "the responsible officials of federal, state, and international regulatory agencies, the President of the United States, members of the United States Congress and the responsible executives of airline companies and airplane manufacturers to mandate the provision of at least one accessible restroom on each airplane made available for the transportation of the general public."

Rasha’s Petition : Accessible Restrooms on Airplanes
"Rasha Contacts President & Airline; Presents Resolution on Accessibility" (Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities)


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