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GPS Technology Helps Blind People Get Around More Independently
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
February 18, 2004

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA--A new device is combining Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology with voice technology and a computer to help blind people to get around more easily on their own.

VoiceNote GPS allows the user to find out at any time where he or she is in relation to any one of millions of location points. While the user walks or rides, the device signals the distance and direction to any destination plotted into its computer.

The system also allows the user to go from one place to another, recording each movement along the way. The return trip can then be "played back" as the user walks back to the starting point. Trip coordinates can be stored away in the computer, or uploaded to a database or website to be retrieved later.

The costs of the devices begin at about $2,000, and vary depending on whether the user wants a voice output, or a Braille output.

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