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Contrary To Popular Opinion, Not All Teens Are Bad
December 30, 2003

VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA--Twenty-eight years ago, when the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was first drafted, few could have imagined the following article.

Michelle Malkin wrote an opinion piece for Tuesday's Desert Dispatch in which she asked readers to put into perspective the sensational reports this year of high school hazing, sexual harassment and bullying.

To offset the popular opinion that today's high school students are a bunch of drugged-out, barbaric thugs, Malkin pointed to four separate news stories -- from New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon and Texas -- about students with Down syndrome who were chosen by their peers to represent their schools as homecoming royalty.

She also mentioned 19-year-old Matt Louden, from Kirkland, Washington, who did not take a date to the Juanita High School homecoming dance -- he took eight.

Malkin's commentary could also be instructive for those who still insist that students with Down syndrome and other disabilities should be segregated in "special schools".

Entire article:
"The better angels of our nature" (Desert Dispatch)


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