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ADAPT Protesters To Governors: "Free Our People"
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
August 21, 2003

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA--Activists with the disability rights group ADAPT tried last Sunday to get the attention of 33 governors at the National Governors Association meeting.

Their message: "Free our people".

About 35 protesters spent several hours chanting that message in the lobby of the Marriott, according to the Indianapolis Star.

They want the governors to back their efforts to change the current Medicaid system which favors institutions over community-based and in-home services. The Medicaid Community Attendant Services and Supports Act (MiCASSA), which was reintroduced into Congress this May, would allow Medicaid beneficiaries to choose the supports they need to remain in their homes rather than being forced into nursing homes or other institutions.

"The governors don't get it," said Ron Johnson, an ADAPT member from Milwaukee who was at Sunday's demonstration.

The demonstrators did get the attention of Indianapolis Police and Indiana State Police, both of which said they videotaped the scene for "training and intelligence".

"Downtown protests get police attention" (Indianapolis Star)
The Medicaid Community Attendant Services Act, MiCASSA (ADAPT)


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