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Access Trial Against Mervyn's Begins
By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
August 12, 2003

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA--A trial between Californians for Disability Rights and the retail chain Mervyn's over accessibility concerns was scheduled to begin Tuesday in an Oakland court.

CDR claims that Mervyn's illegally blocks customers that use wheelchairs, scooters, crutches or walkers. The legal group wants customers with physical disabilities to be able to reach most merchandise in stores and "have a shopping experience that doesn't involve weaving through a labyrinth and having clothing or even whole fixtures fall on them," CDR lawyer Sid Wolinsky told the Sacramento Bee.

"Mervyn's routinely clogs their aisles with movable fixtures," CDR lawyer Sid Wolinsky told the Sacramento Bee. "They throw a sea of merchandise onto the floor, and for people in wheelchairs it turns into a frustrating maze."

Mervyn's argues that state and federal laws do not require full accessibility.

"When Congress debated the particulars of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it decided that full access for people in wheelchairs was satisfied if they could get into a store, see what's for sale and then get it by asking for customer service," said Harold J. McElhinny, a San Francisco lawyer representing Mervyn's.

CDR has been battling Mervyn's over accessibility issues for the past four years.

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